Album3D – Your Photos, Your Album3D

We start offering Album3D!

In several days we will provide more information on Album3D themes available for purchase.

More information will be provided soon.

Album3D is a 3D/VR photo album that will be produced based on your photos. When you purchase the Album3D service, in exchange you will get a 3D/VR application created based on a chosen theme containing your photos. Most themes will have beautiful views e.g. panoramas of mountains and your photos will be embedded within those views. As most 3D applications, you will be able to move around between your photos and this should be much more efficient than in usual 3D games. Album3D should be also more useful and nicer to watch than usual albums or photo galleries.

First Album3D themes

Below we will start releasing the first Album3D themes – downloads, videos, pricing and capabilities. Stay tuned.

If you have an idea for a better name for a theme, let us know.

Themes suitable for WEDDING PHOTOS

Album3D – Theme1 – Variant A – Transparent Spheres – Colorful Orbital Platform

This theme is capable of holding at least 300 photos. Price for the 3D app with 300 photos: £390 – includes one hour of customisations. Non-commercial use. Pricing for commercial licenses is to be provided soon.

Do you need more photos? Let us know.

Use the contact page to order Album3D:  Purchase

Soon an online shop will be available.

More themes and information coming soon.


Below you can see more themes in one video – soon more information will be provided.


Older videos related to Album3D

Below you can find some older videos presenting the first glimpses how Album3D could look like:

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Visit us soon for more information.